Creative Arts Therapies offer a unique opportunity to combine creativity with emotional well-being and personal growth.
Each of the therapies below can provide help and support for a wide range of challenges.

Free initial consultation (60 - 90 minutes)

Music & Imagery Therapy

  • Help to build resilience and equip you with strategies with which to deal with the stress of modern life.
  • Develop, build, and increase self-confidence and self-worth. 
  • Suitable for a range of ages. 
  • Online sessions available.

Music & Imagery is a short-term, goal based therapy that can target specific issues, or help you to work through patterns in your wider life which may be impacting upon your health and happiness. Sessions combine talking, music listening, and drawing (which can take the form of shapes, blocks of colour, or pictures).  


  •  8 week course of sessions (one assessment, followed by 7 one hour sessions)

Guided Imagery & Music

  •           A more in-depth look at issues and challenges in your life.
  •           Short or longer term therapy courses.
  •           Can also be used for personal development, emotional well-being, & creative blockages.
  •           Online sessions available. 

Guided Imagery & Music uses relaxation and music-listening to unlock imagination, potential, & creativity. You will be gently guided through your imagery experience, safely navigating areas of your life you wish to explore.


  • GIM can be experienced in courses of 6 or 10 sessions.
  • Sessions can last between 1.5 - 2 hours.

Music Therapy

  • Support physical and emotional well-being.
  • Build and increase social interaction skills. 
  • Suitable for all ages. 

Music Therapy involves shared music making between us, which can convey a wide range of emotions. This provides a non-verbal means of communication which can be helpful when dealing with thoughts and feelings that are hard to express through words. No prior musical experience is necessary; the focus is on using sounds to access and explore your emotional world.


  • Individual sessions - 30 - 50 minutes, depending on individual need.   
  • Group sessions - 45 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the size of group. 

Sessions can benefit anyone wishing to explore music as a form of emotional expression. Music Therapy can also be highly beneficial for people experiencing learning disability, physical disability, autism, dementia, and terminal or life-limiting illnesses. 

Arts Psychotherapy Supervision

  •  Individual supervision for Arts Psychotherapists & Music & Imagery Therapists.
  •  Offered via Zoom.

Supervision offered for the following clinical areas: physical and emotional well-being, PTSD/complex trauma, learning disabilities, PMLD, autism, sensory processing difficulties, challenging behaviour, communication disorders, mental health needs, dementia, terminal illness, end of life care, adult and young people's mental health, and Music & Imagery Therapy (including group work).

I have extensive experience of working in a residential setting, together with understanding of working within religious and cultural frameworks. From 2009-2019 I was involved in a project in Minsk, Belarus, co-facilitating training for Care staff in the use of music as a form of emotional communication, as part of a fellow Music Therapist's PhD research. I also provided live supervision in this setting. I have 10 years experience as a Placement Manager.

I have a special interest in holistic working, as well as the relationship between emotional and physical health, and the use of the voice therapeutically. I work from a psychodynamic perspective, incorporating many other approaches in order to tailor sessions to individual needs. 

Fees in accordance with BAMT guidelines. 


Music & Imagery Therapy

...through Helen's guidance in Music & Imagery Therapy I feel like I have made so much progress in terms of understanding myself and making physical progress in my daily life. (Client accessing therapy for personal development)

I was curious to try this combination with music and drawing/painting since I like an aesthetic experience... Helen found suitable music that I could choose from, according to my mood of the day.  I am so glad I had this opportunity to grow and find myself with each session. (Client accessing therapy for personal development)

Guided Imagery & Music

Guided Imagery & Music with Helen has been a very encouraging and thought provoking experience. I have been profoundly moved and changed on a deep soul level. (Client accessing therapy for anxiety)

I was going through a rough patch in my life when a good friend of mine suggested I try Guided Imagery & Music. I was not sure what it was, and I needed it to be explained as it was new to me and Helen and I were in different countries. When I talked to Helen, she approached me with warmth, understanding, and kindness; she is a talented and professional therapist. I looked forward to each session and I am grateful that they have helped with my insecurities and given me tools to help me to move on, relax, and thrive in my everyday life. (Client experiencing significant life event)

Location & Contact Details:

Helen offers sessions in Hampshire & The New Forest.

(Please note sessions are currently being offered online.)

Please fill out the form on this page to make an initial enquiry, or use the contact details below:


Mobile:  07951 622 030


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